Eternal-WoW! Launcher 2.0
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Eternal-WoW! Launcher 2.0

Free A client for the Eternal-WoW server with great quality game play
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Eternal-WoW! Launcher is a game client to the Eternal-WoW server that provides best quality game play with lag-free.
The most optimized experience taking full advantage of dedicated server in a data center located in Dallas, Texas. The server is located in a central position so that even international players can experience lag-free game play. The Eternal-WoW staff strives to provide an amazing experience to all players.

Server Specifications
* OS: Linux
* RAM: 40GB
* Processor: Twin 6 Core Xeon x5680 (24 cores with hyper threading)
* Connection: Multiple 1000Mbps connections on diverse backbones
* Location: Dallas, Texas

Quick Facts
* Instant Account Setup
* All data is backed up daily to an offite location. This prevents character loss or rollbacks should a problem occur.
* 2 Realms for your gaming pleasure, Eternal (Instant 80 - Extreme PvP), and Redemption (10x Rate - PvE and PvP)
* Vote Rewards
* Vote rewards and donation purchases are delivered in-game through mailboxes.
* Custom player tools (revive and unstick a character)
* Days of uptime, extending into weeks.
* Upwards of 1000+ players at peak gaming hours and growing!
* Professionally managed with some of the most knowledgeable staff around!
* 24/7 of pure WoW!

Realm Descriptions
* Eternal Realm
o Instant 80
o 100% Extreme PvP
o Malls located in Ironforge and Silvermoon City with free gear to get you started
o Custom NPC "Port Man" to take you to the PvP areas and cities
o Random Battlegrounds working
o Arena’s working
o Gear upgrades cost honor and arena points.
* Redemption Realm
o 10x rate PvE
o Heirloom items given as vote rewards to assist new players
o Free tier 7 at level 80 to help people get right into the heroics and raids
o Most instances working
o Most Raids working



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